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Alice Masters is a London-based artist, who paints all sorts. She is mostly interested in the small moments in life that make you stop and look. This may be the precious minutes of low light at dawn when a halo of light is cast around new buds, or it may be watching the shift in season from behind a window. She wants her work to encourage people to notice and savour the world around them. 


Alice’s interest in capturing people led her to study acting at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, graduating in 2019. However, she brought her paints with her to Glasgow, working on commissions whenever she could spare the time - works of grandmas, holiday landscapes or pet dogs were scattered across her student accommodation.


She then moved to London with her easel and oils, continuing to work on commissions that were happily, never-ending. Though working for clients allowed her to hone her skills, painting anything and everything, she realised it was time to establish her own identity as an artist. She has since allowed herself time to paint subjects closer to her own life. You can usually find Alice painting portraits that capture the natural and unscripted moments in a day, or glowing landscapes, with light taking centre stage. 

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